Is it good to be wrong?

Ben here today, I just wanted to write a smaller post on this question as I had an interesting idea on this the other day (though to be fair the gap between what I find interesting and what most others find interesting tends to be fairly large! Still, let me know you think!).


It occurred to me why being wrong, or more specifically realising you’re wrong, on a particular point, idea, theory or perspective can potentially be seen as a good thing. Now obviously there is the fair point that realising your perspective on something was wrong means that… well… you were wrong! This can be slightly embarrassing in my experience but I think if you can get past the embarrassment then a lot of good can actually come from realising your error.


My reasoning is that firstly, having realised your mistake, you now have the opportunity to explore a whole new perspective as you try and understand where you went wrong in your previous mind set. Personally I’ve always found huge enjoyment in exploring new ideas and allowing my mind to be opened to possibilities I hadn’t yet considered.


Secondly, I think the argument could be made that a certain satisfaction can be had from realising you are wrong. Since the odds of any one person being absolutely right on all issues all the time is rather unlikely, realising and admitting when you’re wrong can therefore be considered part of developing a healthy attitude towards truly trying to understand the truth of things.


What do you think? Am I on to something here or just spouting nonsense as usual?! Leave a comment, let me know what you think 🙂

3 thoughts on “Is it good to be wrong?

  1. I like this and agree with you! I think realising you are wrong definitely allows room for you to learn from it; once you get past the annoyance and possible embarrassment of admitting you are wrong, it enables you to begin analysing why it came to be that in the first place.

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