Flamenco dancing and unexpected pleasures!

I’d like to share an experience of a lesson learned the easy way. Too often lessons come the hard way and only after suffering for some mistake do we learn them. Thankfully this was a lesson I learned in a very enjoyable way and whilst it was admittedly a simple and fairly un-profound lesson in the grand scheme of things, I hope it will be of some value to people and therefore worth sharing!

When I was in Madrid I spent a couple of evenings in the company of a small group of friends of a friend. On the first evening we ate dinner at what is, according to the Guinness book of records, the oldest restaurant in the world, called Sobrino de Botin, where we dined on their signature dish, an entire roast pig, which we divided between 6 of us. The restaurant, food and company were all absolutely lovely and I enjoyed myself very much indeed.

The second evening I actually enjoyed equally, if not more than the first, but had you told me that this would be the case before hand I would not have believed you. This evening we were to go and watch some Flamenco dancing. The group I was with appeared wholeheartedly set on going to see a performance so I had little choice but to go along with the plan, despite the fact that I was thinking ‘this really won’t be for me’. True to the title of this post however the Flamenco dancing was very much a great and unexpected pleasure (I apologise for only having pictures of the dancing, they really won’t do it justice but they’re the best I’ve got!).


Their feet are a blur because they were moving so fast!

I was completely drawn in by the skill and intensity with which the dancers approached their evening’s performance and despite not expecting to think much of the whole thing I was left, literally, with my mouth wide open and a sense of elated pleasure from having my initial thoughts be proved so utterly wrong!

Flamenco 2

The guy in back was intermittently drumming on the box and playing guitar.

My experience just went to show that I shouldn’t be so quick to judge something as ‘not for me’ and be a little more open-minded to the wide variety of things that quite possibly are ‘for me’! I think the fact is that most people are continually growing and changing in character and personality and over time what you do and do not enjoy will change and develop too. I’m not saying everyone should immediately drop everything and go and see Flamenco dancing 😉 but the experience has taught me not be too confident that I ‘know myself”, as apparently whoever ‘myself’ is has some surprises left for me yet!

This small but pleasant experience has helped me give the benefit of the doubt to more opportunities in life and I would invite you to do the same and with any luck experience your own unexpected pleasures!

Thanks very much for reading and I humbly hope I gave you some food for thought 🙂 Ben.

3 thoughts on “Flamenco dancing and unexpected pleasures!

  1. I absolutely love Flamenco dancing performances. I’ve never been to Spain, but there’s a place in Vancouver that has Flamenco performances a few times a week. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to see it live in Spain. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing live Tango in Argentina though. Just as awesome.

    • I hope you get to see it in Spain one day too then 🙂 good enough excuse for a trip I say! I’d definitely be interested in seeing a Tango though and that was what this post was about; being opened up to experiences I wouldn’t have considered previously 🙂

      • WooHoo! Good on you. I also am so totally open to new experiences. I love, but looooooovvvve experiencing different cultures. Especially ones I haven’t had the opportunity to experience up front yet.

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