Sunny…ish Cornwall!

This one isn’t so much about travelling and more about a short holiday that we took, but Cornwall was such a lovely place to visit we thought it deserving of a post! We stayed in a cottage-like garage extension on the back of a local’s house in small town called Looe (yep, pronounced like the slang for toilet!), which was built in a lovely location on a small hill next to the beach, so any closer to the sea and we’d have been in it!

View from house 2

View from the driveway.

View from house garden

View from the garden.

Beach and cliffs

The beach was a stones throw from the house.

The actual town centre of Looe was a mile or so from where we stayed so to get there we had to walk, which we did pretty much every day. Now this sounds simple enough, a mile long walk doesn’t sound so bad right? Well.. that would have been the case if the path to the town didn’t pass over a small hilly range that had more ups and downs, steep slopes and flights of rocky stairs than we could possibly have imagined. The upshot was that our arrival in Looe town centre every day was inevitably a particularly worn out and sweaty one! However despite our less than dignified entry to the town each day, Looe was a lovely place to spend time.

'Walking' is generous.. hiking perhaps?!

‘Walking’ is generous.. hiking perhaps?!

Looe town

Looe houses

Sea and arhces

River Looe

Big arch

Looe view

Looe river and town

Nice view

The walk to the town centre did offer views like this though..

The town itself is built into the sides of two hills, which sit either side of the mouth of the river Looe. The river divides the town into East and West Looe, with a bridge over the river connecting the two. This layout makes for an extremely picturesque little town and a real feeling of community. While we were there the weather was mostly kind to us, though temperamental as it always is in the UK, so we were able to do much strolling about and getting the feel for the place and enjoy the peaceful, attractiveness of the whole town.

One of our favourite things about Looe however was that almost every other shop was dedicated to selling some combination of fudge, ice cream and cream tea (what’s not to like!). So we spent a lot of time perusing the huge variety of options and indulging ourselves on various types of locally made fudge and ice cream (cherry and walnut fudge it turns out is something of a heavenly experience).

Ben and Jess ice cream

Ben slushie

Jess slushie

Ben and Jess tongues

We were also brave enough to venture into the practically ice cold (seriously, we’ve never felt anything so cold!) water of Looe’s beach. Though admittedly only for about five minutes before deciding our time was far better spend sunbathing on the beach and just enjoying the view of the sea rather than being in it!

Ben cold

The expression says it all!

Jess cold

Colder than expected!

We also visited a nearby monkey sanctuary, a trip which started as just something to do on one of the days we were away but actually ended up being not just a really cool experience but one of our favourites too. We listened to the sanctuary keepers talk about the monkeys and their behaviour and relationships within their social groups which was really interesting. We also thought it was fascinating that the monkeys’ perception of the human keepers was that they were larger ‘alpha’ monkeys and interacted with them accordingly. So despite not expecting to be educated on the behaviour of monkeys in Cornwall, we ended up enjoying that trip much more than we expected!


Monkeys 2

While at the sanctuary we also took a wander around their gardens which were lovely and found this odd bit of what we guessed was artistic sculpture?

computer in garden better

Modern art? Quite cool though

Jess garden

Sanctuary gardens.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Looe, let us know if you’ve ever been to the area yourself and last but not least we’ll leave you with a picture of Ben in a funny hat because who wouldn’t want to see that! 😉

Ben funny hat

My ‘not amused’ face!


2 thoughts on “Sunny…ish Cornwall!

    • Glad we could stir up some old memories for you 🙂 and yes they do! We didn’t actually go on it ourselves but we saw people climbing down the little steps to the river and taking it across. Good memory you have!

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