Panforte di Siena – fruity, gooey Italian cake!

Hi everybody! So I’ve been cooking again and this time I was inspired by the blog ‘Just Visit Siena’ who posted a selection of traditional foods from Siena, one of which caught my eye and I decided I had to try. My following attempt was based loosely around a recipe I found online (link at the bottom).


All the ingredients.

I began by placing the dates in a pan and covering them with water, before adding honey, light brown sugar and cinnamon. The original recipe called for mincing the dates before heating but I found that it worked perfectly well to mash them with a potato masher once they were slightly heated and therefore softened.




After heating on a small flame for 10 – 15 minutes the mixture began to thicken and take on a slightly sticky consistency. From there I poured the mixture into a mixing bowl and added in the mixed fruit (cherries and orange peel), nuts (mixed chopped nuts and whole almonds) and red wine. I added 4 tablespoons of flour, stirred everything in well and poured the completed mixture into a grease-proof-paper-lined tin.






I baked it for half an hour at 150C (300F, Gas Mark 2), but as a word of warning keep your eye on it as the top will crisp very quickly! If you see it starting to burn either turn the oven down or cover the tray with tin foil.

The finished product was true to the title in being very gooey, very sticky but very tasty! It was a nightmare to cut and tricky to eat without having to pick your teeth and lick your fingers. However if you’re anything like me when it comes to sticky treats then you’ll think the taste is well worth the mess! Excuse the messy presentation but a lack of a sieve meant I had to improvise with sprinkling the icing sugar.


Full details of the recipe can be found on this website:


The original post from Just Visit Siena can be found at:


Hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading and let me know how your own attempts go!


Jess 🙂





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