About a week ago we made a quick post on our plans for our New Zealand campervan trip and let you guys know the rough route we’re going to take around the South Island. Today we’d like to do the same for the North Island, which is considerably smaller but with just as much, if not more, to do and see so lets get to it!


Having taken a ferry across the water from Picton on the south island we will arrive in New Zealand’s capital city of Wellington. Since the north island is smaller, meaning all the places we want to go are closer together with less travel time between them, we’re being a little more flexible with what we do once we get to a particular region. So really we’ll go ahead with fairly little idea of what we want to do and see what Wellington and the surrounding country has to offer us when we arrive.




Our next port of call is the city of New Plymouth, which actually does happen to be a port! The city is named after Plymouth in England as this is the place from which English settlers first travelled. One of the most impressive things about the New Plymouth district is Mount Taranaki, a 2500 metre high active volcano, sitting in the centre of Egmont national park. So as well as spending some time in New Plymouth and the few other towns that make up this district we will certainly take a trip out to gaze in wonder at Mount Taranaki!


From New Plymouth we’ll head inland to the well known town of Taupo, which sits on the edge of Lake Taupo. This region is meant to be very beautiful and the lake attracts a lot of tourists and travellers to marvel at said beauty! After we’ve partaken in much marvelling around Taupo we’re going to head up towards Rotorua and then on to the Bay of Plenty and Tauranga on the north coast for some more glorious scenery, walking, activities and general exploration.


Before heading up to Auckland the plan is to stop off in Hamilton to visit and spend some time with a friend of ours who lives in the area as well as take a trip to see Hobbiton from Lord of the Rings of course! We’ve been reliably informed that we’ve got some cool things in store for us when we meet up with with our company in Hamilton so we’ll have to wait and see what we get up to there!


The final stop on our entire 9 week tour of New Zealand will be Auckland, and the Northland beyond, where we’ll use our time up with a bit of relaxation and no doubt yet more exploring! We’re also thinking we’ll take a boat out to Great Barrier Island and the several islands that make up the Bay of Islands to take in our final views of New Zealand’s beauty before flying home in early August.



So that’s about it for our rough plan, we’ll see how it actually plays out when we arrive. We imagine the experience itself will only bear a very vague resemblance to the plan as is often the way with plans!


We hope you enjoyed reading this post and check out the first half as well if you’re interested and we’ll speak to you soon!


Ben and Jess 🙂

9 thoughts on “Flights…camper…action…continued!

    • Thanks, we certainly hope it will be! Ah that’s brilliant, I’m sure they had an amazing time and hopefully we’ll have some photos of our own soon 🙂 it’s a tricky country to travel or holiday to since getting there is pretty expensive but if you ever get the chance, or can make an opportunity to, then you should definitely go 🙂

    • Hi! We’re leaving from London Gatwick airport on the 28th and we’re so excited! Well not immediately because we want to gather a bit more in the way of funds before we take another trip but the plan is to do the standard South East Asia loop of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and maybe India and China too at some point in the near future 🙂 then again once we’ve been to NZ we may very well not want to stop travelling so who knows! Thanks very much I’m sure we will and we’ll keep you updated through the blog as often as we can!

      • Wow, excellent. I would love to go to Thailand, and all the other places as well. Been to China (in fact I lived and traveled in China/other parts of Asia) for almost a year. Also been to India twice. Once in 2000 and then lived in Jaipur for a few months while my hubby was doing a media course.
        I’m sure you guys will have a blast. Take lots of pics and post them.

      • Oh wow that’s brilliant, living and travelling there must have been an amazing experience. Well when we head to that region we’ll be calling on you for tips then! Thanks again and we certainly plan to 🙂 hoping our photography skills will improve slowly as we take more pictures!

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