Moving forward…

Last Friday we both walked out of university having taken the final exam of our degree and are now officially finished! Amid the sighs of relief and much lazing about doing very little of anything that has occupied most of the last week, there has inevitably been some reflection on the past three years and a good amount of pondering the future.


Whilst both of us enjoyed our degrees, and in particular enjoyed all the experiences that came with moving away from home, learning independence and getting to know new people, neither of us are planning on pursuing the subject of our degrees into the workplace, which leads to the point of this post: so what now?


The honest answer to that question is, well, we don’t really know! We’re leaving for New Zealand in just a few days as the first part of our ambition to travel the world together but once we return the future is somewhat hazier. The only thing we really know very clearly at this point is what we don’t want. What we don’t want is to get to thirty, forty, fifty years old and look back and realise that all we’ve done for the last however many years is work jobs we don’t really like in order to pay rent, mortgages, insurance, run cars and generally just ‘get by’.


We don’t want to just get by. We want to live and to experience and to have passion and fulfilment in our lives from this day until the day we die and we fully intend to honour that desire. Quite how we’re going to achieve this however and in what direction we’ll ultimately end up heading is no clearer than anything else that lies ahead.


With any kind of luck our futures will involve a great deal more travelling amongst the other things that we’re most passionate about, as well as, in some small way, inspiring other people to live their lives to the full and make the most of the limited time we have to enjoy them.


This will probably be our last post before setting off for New Zealand so the next time we speak to you will be after our adventure begins.


Take care and be safe.


Ben and Jess 🙂


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