New Zealand: Journey and Hostel!

Well here we are, after months of planning we’re writing to you right now from our hostel room in Christchurch, New Zealand! Our actual flying time ended up being only about 24 hours rather than the 30-odd we thought it would be but 24 hours sitting still on planes is still a challenge to be reckoned with. Particularly when you consider that we both slept for a grand total of about 3 seconds over the course of the last 40 hours. The lack of sleep also means that we’re both viewing the world through rather spaced out lenses at the minute; long periods of time staring into space wondering what it was you were about to say now abound!


Despite all that we are now here and are very excited to get going and see what the next nine weeks have in store for us. We’re picking up the camper tomorrow morning so for tonight we’ll enjoy the (relative) luxury of an actual bed and showers at the hostel before going full steam ahead tomorrow. The hostel we’re staying in is called the Jailhouse and used to be a prison, which makes for a really cool setting and it’s actually a shame we’re only spending one night here because it looks like it would be an interesting and social place to stay for longer.


We’ve just got back from a small walk around the local area and had some dinner so this will just be a brief post to update you guys on how things are going and we’ll include a few photos we’ve taken so far. Most important for us at the minute is just getting some sleep! We’ve also been toying with the possibility of including some video footage on the blog of us and what we’re doing while we’re here. We have even less experience with making videos than we do with taking quality photos (which is saying something) so at the minute we’ve just been turning the camera on and filming whatever we happen to be doing at the time but we might put bits and bobs of that up too and we’ll see how that works. Comments and suggestions are of course very welcome!





Gatwick departure lounge was very exciting…


…for both of us!



Sunset from Bangkok airport.


Feature from Dubai airport.


There were also real birds flying around inside Dubai airport lounge, think they might be lost?


Dubai airport.


More impressiveness from Dubai airport!


Sunset from the plane.


Plane food!


TV screens which kept us vaguely sane on the long flight!


Our room at Jailhouse Hostel.


Original prison cell from the hostel (not to worry, this isn’t our room!).


Jailhouse main hall.



So that’s about it for now, take care and we’ll speak to you soon!


Ben and Jess 🙂

9 thoughts on “New Zealand: Journey and Hostel!

  1. Right on. The adventure has begun. Thanks for the pics. And what a great idea for a hostel. I know how it is to travel long periods of time and have very little sleep. I’m sure you’re rested up now. Hey, it must be cold in New Zealand now eh?

    • You’re welcome we hope you enjoyed them! The hostel was really cool, wish we could have stayed longer. Yeah it’s certainly not a lot of fun but yep we’re all recovered now 🙂 it’s a little bit chilly to say the least yes! Especially at night :/ but we’re coping. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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