New Zealand: We’re the best swingers in town…

Being strapped to a small harness suspended on a zip wire, itself attached to the mountainside a couple of thousand feet in the air, sound like fun? Well that was the situation we found ourselves in, questioning our own sanity, as we prepared for our Queenstown ledge swingโ€ฆ


A brief backtrack: our journey to Queenstown from Dunedin was something of an epic, taking about 4 hours and pretty much driving coast to coast. That being said it was actually a fantastic trip as our journey took us across a huge variety of beautiful scenery. We drove through wide expansive flat lands, past rivers, lakes, hills and valleys accompanied often by sprawling mists that lay over and wrapped around the landscape. We passed through giant fog banks, across fields of grape vines and all the time with huge birds of prey soaring above us and mountains on the horizon. As we got closer to Queenstown the rivers and lakes took on the most incredible shades of blues and turquoises that you have to see to believe and we got a glimpse of our first snow-capped peak.


Queenstown itself turned out to be quite beautiful, situated right beside a large lake and nestled in the mountains. Even the town centre was actually very attractive and there were several small parks and gardens spread out next to the lake. In terms of finding beautiful scenery on this trip we havenโ€™t done better than Queenstown so far.










Finally, returning to the beginning of this post where we left the two of us hanging off the side of a mountain wondering how on Earth we managed to talk ourselves into this. Possibly the scariest part of the ledge swing is the task of releasing yourself and initiating your swing. This is entirely in your own hands and it comes in the form of a small pin that you have to pull out of position which sets you swinging out over the forest below. So with a short countdown from the supervisor and a deep breath, each of us in turn pulled our pins out and commenced the most terrifying moment of our lives!



We went from this…


Blissfully unaware…


To this!


Utter terror!

And a couple of slightly cooler photos to redeem ourselves…




That’s all for now, until next time,


Ben and Jess ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “New Zealand: We’re the best swingers in town…

    • Looking out over Queenstown whilst swinging off a rope is one way to see the scenery! Not sure if it was more fun or terrifying but glad we did it ๐Ÿ™‚ well that’s true when you say it like that, can’t say London has that to offer! Thanks for the comment ๐Ÿ™‚

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