New Zealand: 200 seal pups…enough said!

Reblogging because the new updates have confused us slightly and we’re not sure this post posted properly!

The Origin of Travel

When a passing traveller tells you about a beautiful waterfall which is not only free and easy to access but is also home to 200 seal pups who live and play freely in the falls, you go!


It was in Kaikoura, a haven of wildlife, that we found this gem of nature and having seen around 500 adult seals the previous day we didn’t think it possible to be more impressed, but boy were we wrong…


P1010548 P1010540

P1010596 This seemed to be their favourite spot to play. P1010600 We were literally only feet, and at times inches, away from them!


P1010588 That’s a guilty face if ever we saw one!


And since they already got a mention we wouldn’t want to leave out the adult seals, which in their vast numbers were very impressive in themselves.


P1010420 Dead flies? Nope, more seals! P1010379 Strike a pose!






As you’ll probably notice the following…

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