New Zealand: Rotten eggs for lunch…anyone?

You remember having a pack lunch for school, everyone is eating away, chatting merrily, but you’re a dare devil so you’ve risked having the dreaded stink bomb that is, the egg sandwich. You desperately try to pull it out your lunch box and shovel it in as quickly as possible, but your efforts are in vain and it soon reaches everyone’s noses and you’re left on your own with the smelly egg sarnie. Well imagine that smell and triple it…a few times!

Many people warned us that as you approach Rotorua, you smell it before you see it, and they weren’t wrong. The distinct boiled (and occasionally rotten) egg smell that follows you around Rotorua is caused by large amounts of sulphur which is a downside to living in a highly volcanic area. Of course it may be hard to see any upside to living in an area ripe with volcanic activity but having magma close to the surface allows for a plethora of naturally heated pools, bubbling mud baths and a hazy, white steam which funnels out of the ground everywhere you look.

This combination creates some very luxurious spa treatments and hot pools to relax in, along with interesting walks that lead you around pulsating, mud spewing, smoking holes in the floor and boiling pools of water with names like ‘Devils Throat’ and ‘Witches Cauldron!’ We of course did some of these walks (and a spa bath or two to reward our hard work) so enjoy the pics!

Whakarewarewa Maori village







Bubbling mud pools and mounds.



Steam coming off a lake which consistently sits at boiling point.



Geothermal areas within Maori village.

Taupo’s geothermal activity


Named the ‘Dragon’s Mouth’. You can see why!




Despite enjoying Rotorua very much we weren’t too grieved to leave behind the ever-present smell of eggs (although the stench insisted on lingering on our clothes for another few days) and head towards Hamilton and our next adventure which would take us into the heart of Middle Earth…

More from us soon,

Ben and Jess 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Zealand: Rotten eggs for lunch…anyone?

  1. The smell is rather distinct, to say the least! But you do kinda get use to it… at least we did. Such a beautiful place though, huh?
    We want to see more of NZ so will just have to see it through your blog and photos for now!

    • Yeah you do get used to it it’s true, bit off putting at first though I have to say! You’re right, Rotorua actually ended up being one of our favourite places and we definitely want to go back next time 🙂 ahh well until that time comes we hope you enjoy it 🙂

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