New Zealand: Lake Mahinapua

This was a campsite we stayed at just south of Hokitika in the South Island which sits next to Lake Mahinapua. The afternoon we arrived the weather was so calm and still and quiet that the surface of the lake was literally like a mirror with not a ripple in sight. We’d never seen anything like it and it was one of the most stunning sights we saw on our trip so thought we’d share a couple of shots, enjoy!




Ben and Jess 🙂

4 thoughts on “New Zealand: Lake Mahinapua

  1. Nice. I live in Hokitika. We got married at Fat Pipi Pizza but had our wedding photos at Lake Mahinapua in the middle of June a few years ago. The roads in and out of Hoki had been shut for two weeks thanks to a massive snow storm but on the day of our wedding, the day dawned crisp and clear, with not a cloud in the sky. As you can imagine the hills behind the lake were groaning with snow and the reflection on the lake was amazing!

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