Lake Taupo

We know, we know… more lakes! Bear with us though the pics will be worth your time and we’ll even throw in a couple that aren’t of lakes just to mix things up 😉

These two shots were taken at our campsite at the southern most point of lake Taupo. We only stayed one night but this was the subtle but gorgeous sunrise we were greeted with in the morning.



This one was taken from a small lay-by on the road to the Waitomo Caves. Unfortunately the clouds obscure quite how far away the horizon was and whilst we won’t embarrass ourselves by trying to guess exactly how many miles we could see, it was a lot!


Finally, we’d forgotten completely about this one but stumbled across it today and we can’t remember if we’ve posted this one before but either way we thought the quote was worth sharing (again?). The weather was slightly on the damp side that day as you can see but you can still make out the words painted onto the back of a camper we shared a site with in Whangerei.


Ben and Jess 🙂

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