New Zealand: 200 seal pups…enough said!

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The Origin of Travel

When a passing traveller tells you about a beautiful waterfall which is not only free and easy to access but is also home to 200 seal pups who live and play freely in the falls, you go!


It was in Kaikoura, a haven of wildlife, that we found this gem of nature and having seen around 500 adult seals the previous day we didn’t think it possible to be more impressed, but boy were we wrong…


P1010548 P1010540

P1010596 This seemed to be their favourite spot to play. P1010600 We were literally only feet, and at times inches, away from them!


P1010588 That’s a guilty face if ever we saw one!


And since they already got a mention we wouldn’t want to leave out the adult seals, which in their vast numbers were very impressive in themselves.


P1010420 Dead flies? Nope, more seals! P1010379 Strike a pose!






As you’ll probably notice the following…

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Welcome post and a bit more about us!

Our first ever post! We are currently eight weeks away from our trip to New Zealand so in the mean time we are planning to introduce ourselves a little more and write some material on our previous travel experiences, what inspires us to travel and our current plans for and after New Zealand.

So about us: we are a pair of university students who are finishing up a three year degree at the moment. In the typical style of university students our priorities lie in, first and foremost, taking any conceivable measure possible to avoid the world of work and responsibility (semi-joking!) and we decided that the best way to accomplish this goal was to fly to the other side of the world! In all seriousness we don’t really know what we want to do with our lives so we think the best path to take for the time being is spend our time doing the things that we love and try to piece together a life that centres around those things.

Our previous travel experience consisted of both of us travelling with friends around Europe before we met, using an inter-rail pass, flights and Eurostar to get around. We each spent three weeks visiting a variety of countries around Europe including Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and France. This initial ‘foot in the door’ of the travelling world inspired in both of us a strong desire to travel not only again, but for longer and further abroad than before. We will aim to write articles individually delving into each of our experiences more deeply.

Our attempt at a first article will be ‘How to not live off McDonalds when travelling’ which will be based around how to eat cheaply without relying on a big mac everyday, which I (Ben) pretty much did on my first trip around Europe!

Thanks for reading our first ever blog post and we hope you hang around for more!

Jess and Ben.

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